The Ankara Protekol Road - 3.5 km of ice and snow free road

The Ankara Protekol Road - 3.5 km of ice and snow free road

Purpose of the DEVI system
Ice and snow melting on the Protekol Road.

Project size:
3,5 km length road, total area is 17.000 m2.

The Ankara Municipality had a DEVI ice and snow melting system installed on the new Protocol Road, the first heated road in Turkey of this length. The system was installed last year and now it is ready for the coming winter season.

Excellent driving conditions

Mayor Melih Gökçek explained that the 7 kilometer road under which the heating system was installed had gotten 3 incoming lanes and 3 outgoing lanes for a total of 6 lanes.

“First we made a total of 12 tire tracks in all of the lanes that are 50 centimeters wide. Then we installed cables in these tracks to set up the heating system.”

Travelers now enjoy excellent driving conditions in every season and particularly safe conditions during the winter months. When the temperature falls below  4 degrees and a certain amount of moisture is present the system is activated automatically.  Once the snow on the tire tracks has melted the system will automatically be deactivated.

Project Overview

Heating cables
< 245,000 m of DEVIsnow™ 30T (DTCE)

18 pcs. DEVIreg™ 850
56 pcs. Ground Sensor

4050 pcs. DEVIfast™
18 pcs. Power Supply

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